Do not play their game.

The mindcontrol of late is very sophisticated. Fear is the main ingredient to move the masses toward their slaughter.


Not many people understand how they are manipulated into working their whole life, just to be able to pay their debts.


Better die standing up, than living on your knees.



The making of mistakes, is the only state in which you really learn.

You must make yourself able to see (a) mistake(s) you make, and admit them, to be able to understand what exactly you did wrong. How to fix that mistake, is another thing…

To refer to this, people read a blog i wrote, liked it, and commented on posts, using a phones keyboard with big fingers. It looks like how a drunk speaks.. 😉

But i can see the same wrong keystrokes i experience when i type with a small keyboard, so i understand what is written, and i love the first posts/replies on something i wrote.. ❤

The replies were marked spam by akismet. There were also links to websites at the end of the reply. And i removed the links, but i do not know why i did it. I did not change the text, or corrected any wrong keystrokes… Why did i remove he links? I have no real clue…

I tried to undersand why these replies were marked spam. They were a few days old, before they were noticed by me, as i am not as deep ‘into the blog’, as i would like i was…

Because the bloggerapparatus, also, is a kind of magic. And can be very powerful magic, if used the right way, and i want to use it the right way, i want to learn how i have to do it, and why, because i am in need to reach many people that want to stand by me, knowing i am the defender of truth and freedom, and completely genuine.

So, i want to see the mistakes i make, fix them, and preferably not make the same mistake twice. Sometimes, however, it is unavoidable to make the same mistake again, when the answer i thought was right, was not.

There is no shame in the making of mistakes. When we are children, we play, we experiment, we learn: We climb, we fall down, we get up again, as many times as is necessary to learn how to walk, climb, run, you name it. Cut yourself some slack. There has to be room for mistakes. We are not perfect gods yet, we are learning gods.

We must be aware of the mistakes we make, if we don’t, we will not be able to escape the circles that try to contain us, and we will not be able to move on.

There were replies to a post, i did not know existed. How did that post get there? So i suspect, i got help. I liked the way that post worked, looked like magic.. ❤

I hope my mistake, to remove the links, if that was a mistake, will not gain me ungrace.

And then there was also an url behind my name, that did point to an old turkish page, which has nothing to do with me at all. I thought changing it to the right url would correct that, but it did not…

So, as you all can see, nobody knows everything, but together we know more. Everybody has a unique knowledge, which makes every person useful. We are all useful, because of what we know, and can do. And i want to be a person who is able to make you see your own value. In oposite to governments, who only want to make us feel small. I want my readers feel the love that ignites the appreciation of yourself, love yourself for who you are.. ❤


What is it we, people, really, truly want?

What do we truly want?

Is it a car? Food? Or a home? A wife, or a girlfriend? Or some gadget? A pc, perhaps?

None of the above!

The above is what is used by the elite rulers to let us buy into their shit. They want us to keep buying, because if we do not get what we want, we will have to keep buying, to fulfill this need to be satisfied.

What we really, truly need, is very very simple:
We want to be useful, that is all.

When we understand this, we do not have to buy all the meaningless rubbish, we don’t need anymore. We can save our money, or better: We don’t have to chase money any longer! Because if we don’t have to buy, we don’t need money. In other words: The less money we need, the less we have to sell our valuable time.

Take your time to realize this. ❤



A week no thing happened as expected…

I am sure everybody experiences times when things just do not go as we like them to do.

Sometimes, the unexpected knocks at our door, and influence from ‘outside’ enters our realm. And when that happens, every thing can change. Bad things can happen, good things can happen, or a combo of both… This is a time when we discover there is more to life than conditioning, and habits. That we become involved in life itself, wetter we like it or not…

For me and my family, last week was such a week. There is no telling what exactly happened first, as it all seemed to happen at the same time… Like a wind of change, blowing through our expectations…

As we all are unique persons, we all respond differently to ‘change’… For those that don’t like surprises, it is a disturbing event, when things are going ‘out of control’, to others, the more adventurous, change is a welcome distraction.

I myself am very comfortable with the phenomenon, and welcome it with open arms, and despite the fact, that some changes are not exactly the changes i would have choosen, these things make me feel connected , and very much alive…

And when i compare my own faith to that of some others, i praise myself blessed. I do not ‘posses’ many things, or money, but somehow, life provides its every needs. Because i am here, the life for me exists, and the only thing i have to do, is find, and follow my own path. I admit, sometimes it is not easy to find, or stay on the path, but always when i do, i know: This is the way it has to be.

So, my advice to all that might read this: Know who you are, and stay on your path. ❤




Old habits die hard…

I notice habits are not easy to change.

But habits condition you. Which blinds you from reality. Habits are an obstacle if you want to be free. Habits imprison you in routine, which takes the sparkling out of life. Imagination, however, can bring those sparkles back in less then a minute! When we were children, we played with imagination, and what we wanted to see was real for us. When we were children, the world we experienced could be intense. Every day was new, the promises were glowing in the halfdark, filled with creatures, and fantasy animals.. Magical!

Magic does not have to be bad.

The intention of the people who use it, make it bad.

My dear reader, if you really want to learn, forget all you think you know.

And most of all, forget what you did not experience yourself. You have to create an open mind, to be able understand the real workings and meaning of all things. This can be done by being very honest with yourself, and become the child again, that is curious without becoming tired. Love yourself, and foremost, your inner child, because that is the connection between the Magic of Life, and yourself. Stop pretending to know things you don’t, but learn what you always wanted to now. Don’t take life, and anything in it for granted, ever.


Imagination, how to use?

Imagination is a flow of energy, that can take you beyond every border set by mindcontrol, or yourself.


It cannot be defined, because it does not fit in any box. It is absolute freedom, and the power to get anywhere you want. It gives you the energy, and the tools you need, to create any reality imaginable…


If you are not sure, go back to your childhood, and become your inner child again. You are able to teach yourself, if you free the child, and accept that becoming an adult, was the most stupid idea, ever planted in your mind, and followed by you.

How to shape a reality.



It is my desire to start at the beginning, with the logic of the fabric of reality: Dream, or ireality, something that has not yet come to reality, not yet became concrete.

If you really want to learn, consider your ‘Asana’, and ponder… these words are powerful stuff..

Logic has everything to do with the building of reality, and many things are said on the subject by as many people, shapers of reality, themselves.

The Freemaçonery is build upon the laws of the concrete, for a world to stay in existence, it has to be/look solid in this realm, and it needs to be maintained. Another form of magic is how to hide or conceal the logic, and creates an appearance. To be able to see the logic behind/inside a world/reality, one must know, that NO-thing (nothing(!) is as it appears/seems. And be prepared to always be aware of this fact.

To uncover the meaning, or ‘what is to be achieved’, one simply turns around what is shown. This applies to ‘them’ and ‘their realities’, especially prepared for us to live in, to be trapped in, so they can pre-date us. (predators). And suck up all our time and efforts, and throw us away when done with. Hard, but true. The question is: Are you happy in their world? If so, don’t try to change anything. If not happy, also not (don’t ‘try’: Do, or Do NOT) (to) change anything, as you will make it worse than before. And believe me, i know exactly what i am saying.

Instead of trying to change their world, which costs an immense effort, not to show up any result as the opposite you want to accomplish. (by the time you realize that, they hooked you, and started sucking, for the vampires they are) Their reality has been purposely set up for that to show, only to discourage the intention to make a change in their reality. Protection magic, if you like, just start to create your own reality, based upon your own dreams, with the unlimited power of your own imagination. And (try to) remember: The only limit there is, is the limit you put there yourself!

Discover who you really are, and love to do it.

Let Us Begin.

You take your time, and relax. Take a deep breath, and dive into yourself with the questions: Who Am I? What do I want most? How do I achieve that?

The Magic of life.

And how to be a Magician.

Dear reader, i do not pretend to own ‘the’ truth. Because there is not ‘one’truth, to be owned, but there are many to know.

When a Human Being awakes from its slumber, it is time it realizes what and who it is.

Needless to say the slumber means the state we are kept in, to serve our elite rulers.

As soon as this Human realizes who he/she is, and recognizes where he/she is, the Magician awakes inside. (rest assured, this may take a while, it might even not happen at all..)

For those, that exactly understand what i am saying, i will continue. It is paramount, that we have to rid ourselves of all implanted rubbish first. A process that takes some time also. Our thoughts must be purified, to be used as a vehicle properly.

What to know about the so called ‘Rulers’.

There are less then one would expect, and despite they do the most to hide themselves from exposure, some of us already awoken, have tracked them down for us, so we know where we are up against.

First of all, the question is: Are these Rulers Human? To mark a level of consciousness, awareness, to deal with.

Imagination, Key to an unlimited amount of free energy.

First problem to solve, when awake, is to clean your thought of all that does not belong there, and hinders us to move freely. Because the rulers look upon us as slaves, and slaves do not move freely. So they do anything in their power to make us believe the reality they want us to see. This is completely different from their own perception. Because they are free, they think they can do what they want, and so, they can.

This has to be understood first, in order to free your mind, and become your genuine self.