Do not play their game.

The mindcontrol of late is very sophisticated. Fear is the main ingredient to move the masses toward their slaughter.


Not many people understand how they are manipulated into working their whole life, just to be able to pay their debts.


Better die standing up, than living on your knees.



What is it we, people, really, truly want?

What do we truly want?

Is it a car? Food? Or a home? A wife, or a girlfriend? Or some gadget? A pc, perhaps?

None of the above!

The above is what is used by the elite rulers to let us buy into their shit. They want us to keep buying, because if we do not get what we want, we will have to keep buying, to fulfill this need to be satisfied.

What we really, truly need, is very very simple:
We want to be useful, that is all.

When we understand this, we do not have to buy all the meaningless rubbish, we don’t need anymore. We can save our money, or better: We don’t have to chase money any longer! Because if we don’t have to buy, we don’t need money. In other words: The less money we need, the less we have to sell our valuable time.

Take your time to realize this. ❤



A week no thing happened as expected…

I am sure everybody experiences times when things just do not go as we like them to do.

Sometimes, the unexpected knocks at our door, and influence from ‘outside’ enters our realm. And when that happens, every thing can change. Bad things can happen, good things can happen, or a combo of both… This is a time when we discover there is more to life than conditioning, and habits. That we become involved in life itself, wetter we like it or not…

For me and my family, last week was such a week. There is no telling what exactly happened first, as it all seemed to happen at the same time… Like a wind of change, blowing through our expectations…

As we all are unique persons, we all respond differently to ‘change’… For those that don’t like surprises, it is a disturbing event, when things are going ‘out of control’, to others, the more adventurous, change is a welcome distraction.

I myself am very comfortable with the phenomenon, and welcome it with open arms, and despite the fact, that some changes are not exactly the changes i would have choosen, these things make me feel connected , and very much alive…

And when i compare my own faith to that of some others, i praise myself blessed. I do not ‘posses’ many things, or money, but somehow, life provides its every needs. Because i am here, the life for me exists, and the only thing i have to do, is find, and follow my own path. I admit, sometimes it is not easy to find, or stay on the path, but always when i do, i know: This is the way it has to be.

So, my advice to all that might read this: Know who you are, and stay on your path. ❤




Old habits die hard…

I notice habits are not easy to change.

But habits condition you. Which blinds you from reality. Habits are an obstacle if you want to be free. Habits imprison you in routine, which takes the sparkling out of life. Imagination, however, can bring those sparkles back in less then a minute! When we were children, we played with imagination, and what we wanted to see was real for us. When we were children, the world we experienced could be intense. Every day was new, the promises were glowing in the halfdark, filled with creatures, and fantasy animals.. Magical!

I write, because i am compelled to…

No day’s energy is the same as the previous one…

Sometimes it seems the world of ‘them’ is catching up with my shadow…

When that is, i have to concentrate, and pull a cloaking spell over my shadow again.

Because i know they hunt, and if they find me, they want to take everything from me. I know this, because that happened to me several times. And i can fight, but then i play their game, and even if i win, i loose. Quietly, over time, ‘psycho-path’ has invaded all. The Bankingsystem, well, we know, we should tear down the whole system, and start with another set of rules. The government has given in to bribes and corruption, and this should vanish also. Smallminded people, with very big ego’s have taken over the world, and care only about themselves. Adicted to power and money. Now they have usurped all the wealth and power, they think they own the place, and act like that. They start judging what would be best. There are too many people, that is true. But they are all me too. So how to decide who must die? They have set a goal. 2030. The worldpopulace has to be reduced with 95%. The greedy ones, have taken all the chances from the people. All the money, the opportunity, all gone. Next to that, they bomb us with chemicals, sprayed over our heads, from airplaines.

That is their game. And i won’t play it. Because in my world, it is not like that. Sure, all money and opportunity has been reduced drasticly, but we switch into survival mode, and another set of skills, and everything changes to Indigenous, sort of.

Magic does not have to be bad.

The intention of the people who use it, make it bad.

My dear reader, if you really want to learn, forget all you think you know.

And most of all, forget what you did not experience yourself. You have to create an open mind, to be able understand the real workings and meaning of all things. This can be done by being very honest with yourself, and become the child again, that is curious without becoming tired. Love yourself, and foremost, your inner child, because that is the connection between the Magic of Life, and yourself. Stop pretending to know things you don’t, but learn what you always wanted to now. Don’t take life, and anything in it for granted, ever.


Injustice and Corruption.

Many of todays leaders excel in abuse of power, intolerance, and dealing in injustice.

All are mad for power and money, real addicts, so to say. Which makes them corrupt, and in competition, who has the most. They are only in it for themselfs, and choose to forget what their real function was.

And the people? Well the people suffer… Government sweeps away their rights, and takes all their time and money in the proces. Their leaders lie, steal and cheat. Was it different in another time? I guess not, but it was not as openly and excessive as it is today: Without any shame they wreck you, without any cause, and refuse to pay the damage: They say: It is your own fault. Like what happened to me and my family. The most unfair is that they block the way to dissagree! Pure dictatorship! Totalitair regime! The way we are governed has nothing to do with the will of the people, it destroys the people.


I want to tell my story in this blog, because when treated with injustice in this way, like our future completely devastated, without any cause, is very hard to bear. If i would be guilty of any crime, i could understand, but my innocence has been proven during many trials, and only the height of the compensation should have been negotiated. But instead, they turned me down, because my case was not publicly known, so it could be swept under the table very easy.

This however is not my idea of justice. It is abuse of power, and the unwillingness to pay for the mistakes made during ‘the investigation’. Me and my family had to pay for many many years, for other peoples mistakes: The careless destruction of my crops, a special kind of hemp, designed to clean the air of CO2. It costed me eight years to develop this species, and this harvest would be the motherseed for my entire business. In total, a loss of almost $ 2,5 million. I would have settled for 20%.


In this blog, i want to tell my story, because my heart keeps screaming for justice, the unfairnes of how i am treated gnaws at my soul, my whole being wants something done about it.

So attempts are  made to make my case public, and to build a platform to stand on, when trying to reopen the case. My hopes are that friends and acquaintances come and stand by me when the hour of the truth arrives.

Surely the governments investigations into my person would have contributed to the refusal of paying their debt, because in their eyes they would fund an opponent. But i have been blind all the tiime. I was convinced that at the top, the Judges would be fair and honest, but the opposite turned out to be the case.


The promise of a compensation kept us going on during the long years of the trials: We were convinced that truth would prevail, and justice would be done. How grave a mistake that was. How could i think that the government would admit there had been made mistakes, and the damage had to be paid? All judges however, found that the government had to pay, because there was nothing i had done wrong, everything i had done was according the law. But where the real power laid, the high court, was a conspiracy between the judge that would view my case, and the lawyers of the state: Government went into cassation, when she was convicted to pay the damage, said there were made mistakes during the procedure of the trial, and that those judges should not have convicted the government. I suppose, the judge of the high court, and the lawyers of the state had a private affair about how this case should end, as it was obvious, the judge of the high court had not read the files, because if he had, there could not have been another outcome, then to compensate the damage that was done, without any cause, and completely unnecessary.

I had not been notified of the intention to ruin my crops, because the police ‘thought’ the field belonged to someone else, and the plants were drugs. So they did not even know the plants belonged to me, neither did they know the plants were to produce seed. This all, while the person who looked after the field told them it was i, and not him that owned the plants, and that they were to produce seed, and he showed them a notice with my name, address and phone number, and the name, address and phone number of my legal advisor, who lived nearby, with the request to turn to my advisor in case of uncertainties.

I could not know, these cops were that stupid, they could not even pick up a phone, so they decided to destroy the whole crops, while there were about 3 weeks to go before the harvest… Plenty of time. The field was destroyed in the first 15 minutes of the investigation. Without checking the evidence found on the spot. This happened back in 1998.

A dream, and eight years of work down the drain, in less than a quarter of an hour.


Thank you police research team, for not doing research, and destroying a families future. Very careless.

Imagination, how to use?

Imagination is a flow of energy, that can take you beyond every border set by mindcontrol, or yourself.


It cannot be defined, because it does not fit in any box. It is absolute freedom, and the power to get anywhere you want. It gives you the energy, and the tools you need, to create any reality imaginable…


If you are not sure, go back to your childhood, and become your inner child again. You are able to teach yourself, if you free the child, and accept that becoming an adult, was the most stupid idea, ever planted in your mind, and followed by you.

How to shape a reality.



It is my desire to start at the beginning, with the logic of the fabric of reality: Dream, or ireality, something that has not yet come to reality, not yet became concrete.

If you really want to learn, consider your ‘Asana’, and ponder… these words are powerful stuff..

Logic has everything to do with the building of reality, and many things are said on the subject by as many people, shapers of reality, themselves.

The Freemaçonery is build upon the laws of the concrete, for a world to stay in existence, it has to be/look solid in this realm, and it needs to be maintained. Another form of magic is how to hide or conceal the logic, and creates an appearance. To be able to see the logic behind/inside a world/reality, one must know, that NO-thing (nothing(!) is as it appears/seems. And be prepared to always be aware of this fact.

To uncover the meaning, or ‘what is to be achieved’, one simply turns around what is shown. This applies to ‘them’ and ‘their realities’, especially prepared for us to live in, to be trapped in, so they can pre-date us. (predators). And suck up all our time and efforts, and throw us away when done with. Hard, but true. The question is: Are you happy in their world? If so, don’t try to change anything. If not happy, also not (don’t ‘try’: Do, or Do NOT) (to) change anything, as you will make it worse than before. And believe me, i know exactly what i am saying.

Instead of trying to change their world, which costs an immense effort, not to show up any result as the opposite you want to accomplish. (by the time you realize that, they hooked you, and started sucking, for the vampires they are) Their reality has been purposely set up for that to show, only to discourage the intention to make a change in their reality. Protection magic, if you like, just start to create your own reality, based upon your own dreams, with the unlimited power of your own imagination. And (try to) remember: The only limit there is, is the limit you put there yourself!

Discover who you really are, and love to do it.

Let Us Begin.

You take your time, and relax. Take a deep breath, and dive into yourself with the questions: Who Am I? What do I want most? How do I achieve that?

What exactly, is Magic?


Magic is the way of ‘how’ a reality has to be created.

Very simple, but a truth carefully hidden, because this answer gives unlimited power, when understood.

It means that your own dreams, until a certain hight, can be realized, dependent on the level of understanding when entered this realm, and how much time has been wasted, not knowing this fact.

But, it merely boils down to this: Imagination is the field of unlimited power, to shape your own realities. That is also the reason, why, imagination is looked upon ‘not of any use’ in the world of others: The world of the rulers.

Because, as already said, the rulers’, from now on called ‘Them’, only desire is to keep their world as the only existent/accepted world/reality. So, they want you NOT to detect the tools to create your own world, because then they would be unnecessary, and could therefore be deleted. We/us, as knowers of this fact, no longer use our attention to feed their dreams/realities, but those of our own.

Truth, is more simple than you think it is.

It is as simple as that, and thus the reason why ‘they’ don’t want us to know it. Please take your time living and being in your realm, because: ‘TIME’ is all that matters. That is the reason why time is constantly manipulated, and taken from us. By forcing a living being to live by the dead rythm of a machine, they become slaves of that rythm, and become unable to use the Real Rythm of the Hour, which is of course never linear, but depends on the focus of that hour: The flower, born, grown, blooming and dieing inside of that hour. Please meditate on this fact, and detect the change it will bring into your perception of ‘Truth’, or ‘Reality’. By itself necessary to become able to change reality, or create your own.

What do you realy need?

There are only two things that are absolutely necessary before even thinking about starting to realize your own dream, and if you do not believe me, look up Alistair Crowley, not to underestimate Magician himself, and founder of the Golden Dawn, on the subject, and these are Determination and Persistance or Perseverence. Any talent can be usefull, but is powerless without these two.

So now, we have three powers, all needed, to succesfully create, shape, or alter, our realities/worlds: Determination, Perseverence and The ‘Right’, the ‘Proper’ Attention.