What is it we, people, really, truly want?

What do we truly want?

Is it a car? Food? Or a home? A wife, or a girlfriend? Or some gadget? A pc, perhaps?

None of the above!

The above is what is used by the elite rulers to let us buy into their shit. They want us to keep buying, because if we do not get what we want, we will have to keep buying, to fulfill this need to be satisfied.

What we really, truly need, is very very simple:
We want to be useful, that is all.

When we understand this, we do not have to buy all the meaningless rubbish, we don’t need anymore. We can save our money, or better: We don’t have to chase money any longer! Because if we don’t have to buy, we don’t need money. In other words: The less money we need, the less we have to sell our valuable time.

Take your time to realize this. ❤




Imagination, how to use?

Imagination is a flow of energy, that can take you beyond every border set by mindcontrol, or yourself.


It cannot be defined, because it does not fit in any box. It is absolute freedom, and the power to get anywhere you want. It gives you the energy, and the tools you need, to create any reality imaginable…


If you are not sure, go back to your childhood, and become your inner child again. You are able to teach yourself, if you free the child, and accept that becoming an adult, was the most stupid idea, ever planted in your mind, and followed by you.

What exactly, is Magic?


Magic is the way of ‘how’ a reality has to be created.

Very simple, but a truth carefully hidden, because this answer gives unlimited power, when understood.

It means that your own dreams, until a certain hight, can be realized, dependent on the level of understanding when entered this realm, and how much time has been wasted, not knowing this fact.

But, it merely boils down to this: Imagination is the field of unlimited power, to shape your own realities. That is also the reason, why, imagination is looked upon ‘not of any use’ in the world of others: The world of the rulers.

Because, as already said, the rulers’, from now on called ‘Them’, only desire is to keep their world as the only existent/accepted world/reality. So, they want you NOT to detect the tools to create your own world, because then they would be unnecessary, and could therefore be deleted. We/us, as knowers of this fact, no longer use our attention to feed their dreams/realities, but those of our own.

Truth, is more simple than you think it is.

It is as simple as that, and thus the reason why ‘they’ don’t want us to know it. Please take your time living and being in your realm, because: ‘TIME’ is all that matters. That is the reason why time is constantly manipulated, and taken from us. By forcing a living being to live by the dead rythm of a machine, they become slaves of that rythm, and become unable to use the Real Rythm of the Hour, which is of course never linear, but depends on the focus of that hour: The flower, born, grown, blooming and dieing inside of that hour. Please meditate on this fact, and detect the change it will bring into your perception of ‘Truth’, or ‘Reality’. By itself necessary to become able to change reality, or create your own.

What do you realy need?

There are only two things that are absolutely necessary before even thinking about starting to realize your own dream, and if you do not believe me, look up Alistair Crowley, not to underestimate Magician himself, and founder of the Golden Dawn, on the subject, and these are Determination and Persistance or Perseverence. Any talent can be usefull, but is powerless without these two.

So now, we have three powers, all needed, to succesfully create, shape, or alter, our realities/worlds: Determination, Perseverence and The ‘Right’, the ‘Proper’ Attention.

De vlugtige ether…


De tijd waarin wij leven: ‘Folowers’, following’, ‘likes’ en ‘unlikes’.

Met moet volgen, en/of volgelingen hebben. Hoe meer volgelingen, hoe meer je bent. Als niemand je kent ben je dus een nul, een niks?

Er zijn vele ‘grote’ mensen geweest, die in hun tijd niet herkend werden. Daar zal ook ongetwijfeld een reden voor zijn.

Wat heeft men aan oeverloos gezwets?

Maar door de nieuwe media kunnen zelfs revoluties ontketend worden, zoals bleek bij de arabische lente.

Als de filosoof die ik ben, mag ik graag twijfelen aan allerlei (opgelegde) waarden. Ik ben mij graag bewust van het verleden, om de lijn der gebeurtenissen te kunnen volgen: Oorzaak en Gevolg zien dus.

Ik weiger dus ook mij iets aan te trekken van het idee dat ik niks ben als niemand me kent..

Wie is niemand trouwens, of iemand?


Er zijn mensen die me kennen, of denken dat ze dat doen. Voor sommige van deze mensen steek ik mijn hand in  het vuur, geef ik mijn leven, zonder aarzeling.

Maar de mensen die iemand volgen zonder te weten wie of wat hij of zij is? Je kan hier toch elke identiteit aannemen die men wil?

Hoe kun je dan weten wat of wie je volgt?